The best ever Illusion ever created that can freak you out.





Don't know about Sai baba? Click the arrow! I bet you it worth a click.


Sai Game

Sai baba Mobile game is a very addictive yet smooth and fast gameplay mobile game. "You will never get bored again"


Sai Baba Projects

I am a devotee of Shri Sai baba. I have made many animations and small games on him. I have donated all the animations below to Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Shirdi. Also, if you like illusions then check out Sai baba's iMagic project, it is really a trick that will make your jaw drop.


Sai iMagic

blank Sai Eye Optical IllusionblankThis is a free illusion created by me. Saibaba iMagic is a free product that tricks your eye by the magic of sai. Now you can see baba's face anywhere! ... at your wall... table or even fridge!!! The secret is behind this product. I bet you will drop your jaw after launching this app. blank

Sai Baba Game

sai blanksai gameblankThe first ever game made on Sai baba. If you are waiting in dentist's office, or just getting bored on sundays then I bet you download this game and you will never ever get bored again. This game simply the most addictive and smooth game ever made for mobile phones. Try it Now! It totally free of costblankblankdownload sai game
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